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We’re all familiar with bad habits. We’ve all got a few of them and we know how they curtail our lives. We try infinitely hard to end them but find ourselves being whispered to and seduced by them.

Good habits are the antithesis of bad habits. They’re as hard to foster as bad habits are to let go. This is in part because both actions come with a certain amount of pain and self-regulation on our part, and the tolerance of pain and temperance are things developed over time. Time, as always, is what is most essential in these matters.

And like Confucius said, “Men’s natures are alike; it is their habit that separates them.”

Elusive achievements come from the individual habits you execute over a long period of time. The commitment and control necessary is demanding, but it is required if success is to be acquired.

We’ve put together 4 good habits that everyone should work into their lives:

  1. Sleep Early, Get Up Early

We all lead busy and tiring lives, but that doesn’t stop a lot of us from going to bed post 1 AM, sometimes even on weekdays. But nothing compares to adequate sleep when it comes to fixing temperament, stress and general well-being.


Think about one of the times you’ve slept early and woken up early the next morning. One feels more rejuvenated and productive after such sleep.


Instead of determining to wake up at 6 AM henceforth, slowly chip away at your lateness. It’s a simpler matter to wake up earlier in half an hour increments over time.


  1. Exercise

Exercise is such a beneficial action all around that behoves anyone to bring it into their lives.

160822-anrheBut exercising is also one of the most difficult to incorporate into our lives, given its nature. The greater the pain, the greater the gain, as any trainer would tell you, we suppose. As it does for all habits, the mantra of easy increments holds true here. Give yourself a light workout initially and slowly increase to a level you think appropriate, and ideally daily.


  1. Focus On One Thing Only

This is the world of multi-tasking. Everyone’s doing a dozen things at once, and usually, sacrificing quality for all this simultaneity.

Focusing on one goal or activity at a time makes us far more effective at the actual working process. Spreading your focus over numerous tasks thins your efficiency out. Prioritize your goals and habits and strive to perfect them individually, as far as that’s possible. Naturally, we can’t treat things this way for all the many goals we have, but the idea is to stay singularly focused as far as possible.

  1. Read

There’s no doubt that reading is one of most stimulating mental activities available to the creature of reason that is man. Sadly, it is also one of those dying habits.

The positives of reading are so many that articles and articles could be written on it. It boosts memory, creativity, intellectual awareness and even empathy. Study upon study has returned glowing results in favour of these squiggly lines printed on paper.

It can’t hurt to pick up a book and read a little every day. Unlike some other habits, the acquiring of this one doesn’t hurt. In fact, it’s a unique entertainment that accompanies you for your whole life.

The plus side is that after the initial difficulty, good habits, like bad ones, are easier to maintain. It simply becomes a part of daily routine – a habit. It will not feel like an act that requires conscious focus. You can take heart from this fact.

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