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Capacity to keep record everything

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Google has the capacity to keep record everything .There are some important links which will open the door of information about the search engine which  know about you.

  • If you have fear that someone is using your account or doubt about hacking of  account , go to the activity report to see a log of every device that has recently visited your Google account . You can get the information about the I.P. addresses and the approximate geographic locationmyaccount.google.com/security
  • Google and Youtube keeps all record your every search what you seen , what you have typed or spoken into search boxes

    history.google.com (Google searches)
    history.google.com/history/audio (Voice searches)
    youtube.com/feed/history (YouTube searches and watched videos)

  • For keeping your Gmail account active  it is very necessary to login your account aleast once in 9 months otherwise it may terminate your account according to the rules and regulation policies of Google . For that you need to have multiple account for secondary account for reminder


  • You can create your new Google account with your existing email address with special URL with the regular sign up process . There is a option for using another email address as your username .


  • Location as well as  velocity can be easily find in Android phone or  the Google maps app on your iPhone which you are using . Google Maps website gives the information about your location history in which there is a option to export this data as KML files which can be viewed in Google Earth and Google drivegoogle.com/maps/timeline
  • If  any one has a doubt about material one website has published in another website , you can go for a DMCA complaint with search engine such as Google for removing content which they  have used . For that you can use legal section ofsupport.google.com/legal
  • You can export all your information from the Google webworld . You can download G mails , contacts , Photos , contacts and videos also. For that use the takeout pagewww.google.com/takeout
  • Depending on your surfing Google keeps your profile of you such as age , gender and interest . Depending upon your interest , searching result  . Search engine display the various types of advertisements . Given below is the link to know how Google sees you on web .www.google.com/settings/ads
  • If you are comfortable about location about your mobile. Don’t worry about it,there is device called Google Device Manager to locate your phone even if it is switched off or connected to internet  . You can find the IMEI number of your phone which is lost from Google .
  • While surfing various website on various websites search engine keeps a record of your username and passward during the loggingYou can see all passwards in a plain text .



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