Home MULTIMEDIA Check your radiations of mobile with ” Dial *#07#. “

Check your radiations of mobile with ” Dial *#07#. “

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Check your radiations of mobile with ” Dial *#07#. “

Radiation is transmission of energy in the form of waves through space or a material medium. Radiation is of two kinds – ionising and non-ionising. Ionising radiation or high energy radiation like X-rays or gamma rays can alter DNA and be harmful. Non-ionising radiation is low energy as emitted by mobile phones or tower radios and tends to generate heat.

Voice and data telephony is conducted over invisible radio waves, which are part of a family of waves in the electromagnetic field spectrum.

Radiation from both mobiles and towers are safe because they are low energy, non-ionising radiation that can induce only thermal effects.

Exposure to radio frequency fields emitted by mobile phones is generally 1,000 times higher than from mobile towers.

In India, handsets are not allowed to emit radiation more than 1.6 watt/kilo, which is called SAR or specific absorption rate. This safety limit followed by India is far more stringent than norms followed by other developed countries.

All electrical items like microwave ovens, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and mixer grinders emit radiation.

India’s safety factor is 10 times stiffer than in 90 per cent countries that follow standards set by the International Commission on Non-ionising Radiation Protection.

India has 425,000 towers to service 900 million subscribers against 1.3 million towers China has for 1.29 billion subscribers.

. Level of radiation plays  very important roll for mobile users

 For getting the radiation level of your phone ,Dial *#07#. If the level of radiation is less than 2.6 watt/ kg then  it is OK for your health otherwise it is not for your health .So for that ,change your mobile


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