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How to see big size e-mails

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Find big mail is one of the best alternative for finding the big mail size. This app. Work on the big size file which you have to delete. For that you go to www.findbigmail.com On Home page write e-mail address and click on find big mail. After that, there will be confirmation from Google. If you are not in log in position, then log in and write password and click on allow access. Scanning will start of your emails and as soon as scanning complete, there will be a message about scanning. On the left side of inbox, you can see various types of alternatives can see along with sent mail. If there are not alternatives, can see the sub alternatives FindBigMail- Top, FindBigMail-1MB, FindBigMail-10MB.

When you click on anyone the above alternatives you can clean your inbox up to certain level. By using these techniques one can get the protection getting deleted unnecessary email. So this is the one of most powerful techniques of scanning your emails


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