Image based 3D mapping

Image based 3D mapping

Image based 3D mapping

3 D mapping of any building is possible with the help of mobile or tablet .With the help of software which is developed by scientist of Switzerland , can do  three dimensional mapping  of building.

Research student  Thomas Skops and his team developed  software of 3D mapping,who are belonging to Visual computing institute . Functioning of this software  works properly  during  day light.

In comparatively to other softwares , this software is many times better for 3 D mapping . Main features of this software is its functioning during  day time , while others are during night.

It is developed with the help of Google Tango project.

SKops developed this software along with other researchers under the leadership of professor of Informatics  Mark Poleface.

Google Tango project is  a platform  which operates in 40 universities through out the world ,comprising of ETH Zurich. This software functions on the basis of analysis of images which results 3D mapping while other software works on technic of infrared rays.

According to Skops , this technology is in  its initial stage which would require some time for its application . With the help of such a technology , 3 D mapping software can be installed  in car  in future . Due to this , free space between parking  could be easily measured.

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