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Key ways to improve Alexa traffic Rank

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Key ways to improve Alexa Traffic rank

There  are some popular ways to judge the blog with MozRank ,Page rank  and Alexa page rank to improve the Alexa page rank .

Alexa.com is subsidiary of well  known  Amazon .com. Level of traffic received by people determine ranking of website  with the Alexa toolbar installed .For every blogger or website owner , everyone must  know about  how the Alexa ranking  works . For having good Alexa traffic rank, site should have good content ,original content with regularly updated content  .Ranking also depends upon factors like niche and other related factors .There are some important tips which are very important  so as to increase  Alexa traffic rank .

Founded in 1996 ,Alexa was only limited to gathering of data  with the help of Alexa tool bar , improved the traffic estimation system which then added various features like a claiming  your site on Alexa and update information about the the site for which the people are searching.

According to some people   ranking of  website by Alexa is not proper  and accurate  , may be positive opinion or negative .But according to IT professional ,latest update features in Alexa proved the blogger to increase traffic rank in country or throughout  the world  day by day . Apart from this there is also a  another feature  like a site linking.

The blogger who are in this field of content writing , know very well about  SEO to increase  traffic of site . They might be knowing about Alexa which is related with long key words . For newly created website  it becomes difficult for them to create ranking in Alexa , which requires some time to get ranking

Key points for increasing Alexa ranking

There are some factors which may affects to Alexa ranking such as good showcase and attractive website . If you have good ranking in Allexa ranking , advertisers always show  trust in their website .

( 1 ) : Good quality of content  with unique information

Every blogger must have to keep in their mind that good quality of work is very necessary for content writing with unique information  .This improve the ranking  and help to increase  the traffic . Google search engine and other search engine always trust on good content writing  along with its quality  . For getting heavy traffic in SERP’s good content writing  is the key factor for it .

Already mentioned that Alexa ranking is very closely related with traffic  coming from people to your website . . For getting the more chances of getting hgher rank in Allexa ranking  , it is very necessarily to have very heavy traffic . Analytical tab in Alexa  shows various types of features like  traffic in country , search analytics  and  way back machines. If you are new to to blogger , have make career in blog writing , have to see the following post .

( 2 ) : Inviting Guest for post : 

For getting higher rank in Alexa , another factor which affect is Guest writing  which will help you to build  backlinks. Good number of backlink always improves the traffic  . For writing the guest writing , good quality content  must be the main criteria .  Commenting and building backlink also affect to get increase site link which help to fall positive and expected impact on site traffic . There are some important points for guestwritter for guest posting and backlink building

( 3 ) : Regularity in writing blog

Another key factor which affects to blogging is that its regularity and continuty . Regularly writing content in your blog always help to improve the rank in Alexa . Every one readers while searching needs new topics who love to read it . No one like to read  old blog and updated blog . If you are beginners in content writing ,write your post regularly with good quality of content which is expected to be unique . It is expected to blog regularly nearly 4 to 5 posts for getting higher impact of viewers . With in a few days you will find expected result in case of ranking .

( 4 ) : Arrange Alexa Rank Widget :

Alexa widget plays a very important role  in increasing  ranking and traffic which shows  current Alexa ranking status of your blog or website . For that  you have to go for  register your blog  in Alexa .com and place the code in your blog according to instructions given in blog.  You might have noticed that ther is always Alexa widget in website or blog  which shows information  about traffic ranking and traffic  coming to this site .

( 5 ) : Install Alexa  tool bar

In the earlier stage of Alexa, in 1996 Alexa toolbar was one of best technique of  monitoring  the status of site and in the present state also its importance has not been reduced which increasing day by day  . You can visit your site through  Alexa

20 to 30 times daily  so as to to familier with Alexa . Alexa toolbar is very easy to install which is available  for all types of browser such as Chrome ,Firefox and internet explorer .  Folloing is the official page for installing

( 6 ) : Alexa review : 

Back in earlier stage of Alexa , Alexa was added review feature for their sites which was useful for giving the feedback and rating the site .Such a type of feedbacking and rating may affect to increase the ranking of site . For increasing tour traffic there should be arrangement  in blog  about Email newsletter and subscription

There are number of ways to increase  traffic by buying , posting on social media and other method such as joining Stumble Upon ,Digg ,Twitter  and many more . While doing  this increasing  the traffic , better to use trusted  and legitimate method .

( 7 ) : Share your content on social media : 

In our society, social media is playing a very important role which may increase your traffic and get higher rank . Sharing on social media properly is one of the way of technique of increasing traffic





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