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Less use of the brain while using a smartphone

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There is a tendency of parents to give a smartphone to children for playing or enjoying either games or videos. As they insist on something we give our smartphone to for getting an exemption from it. In the same when they come across our work,for the exemption from it we give our smartphone to them for enjoying. As we are giving the smartphone for entertainment to children, it is very harmful to them. Parent are unaware of these harmful effects. Giving a smartphone to their children becomes a habit which is equivalent to habit of intoxicated states such as cocaine and another related habit.

It is a real experience that when children get a smartphone, they are not in the mood of giving trouble their parent. As parents are engaged in their personal work so they have not sufficient time for children. In such a case children engaged their time as entertainment on a smartphone. Due to such a type of activity by parents, they come in the range of habit. Due to this,it affects very badly on their mental growth, physical fitness and intellectual growth. As per the survey conducted by well-known magazine,it is observed that these children are coming decay in their educational progress.

There is less use of brain

Due to the excessive use of a smartphone, children suffer various types of physical problems such as site problem neck pain, back pain.In addition to that use of brain activities are reducing, which affects to their mental growth. For getting a solution of any problem or small things they use their mobile phone.

Children are using a smartphone for their study. This is not a good habit.If students have to find out the solution to their problem, they have a search in a search engine in a smartphone . This gets a very quick and fast answer. Without a smartphone , they will have read and study the whole lesson for their required, but whole reading clear all the basic concept or they have to use a dictionary for this purpose. Due to reading the book, other matter other than their problems also comes in the knowledge. Due to smartphone children are getting information on their search engine, which they are losing their reading work This reading work is very necessary for brain activity. There is a difference between knowledge and information Children who uses smartphone or internet for searching on the search engine, in this, they get only information. When children use their book for reading, in this they get knowledge. Knowledge retains for a long time while the information remains for a short period of time. Due to use of smartphone for their study, children don’t have to think about their subject. Another disadvantage of the smartphone is that it creates sleep disorder. Some times it is observed that children see or play games in the night after sleeping parent because they have fear of angry by parents. Due to such a type of activity done by children in the night , they can suffer the problem of sleep disorder and vision.

Change from yourself :

Instead of changing others, the best way to change yourself at first.If you have to change the habits of using a smartphone, then try to use the smartphone only when it is necessary. Try to give more time to your children by making less use of a smartphone. Make communication with your children regarding various types of topic. Be a friend of your child, not an always advisor. Try to play with them. Give a variety of answer to their variety of questions.If children noticed that their parents are giving their valuable time to them, automatically use of smartphone will become less. Every child has its own identity who may differ with their hobby such as dance, drawing, play and music etc.Instead of sitting on one place or watching the smartphone for a long time it is better to encourage children to play games or other related activity outside the home. Due to this, there will be an improvement in their physical as well as mental development. The survey conducted by Leelavati Hospital Mumbai said that with the excessive use of smartphone children are suffering from various types of diseases Children who use the smartphone for more than 6 hours have a chance of more hormonal change and neck problem. Due to continuous use of the smartphone , their backbone may also get the effect.A survey conducted by well-known institution shows that in North India,70 per cent of children are in habit of seeing a smartphone. They avoid seeing T.V. because their parent’s smartphone. In Delhi near about 70 %, U.P. 82%Punjab 93%, Haryana 79% and Bihar 89 % are the figures which show that children are using such type of harmful gadget for enjoying  or playing games

Parent’s failures

The survey indicates that out of 10 parents 4 parents whose children are in the range of ages 10 to 12  years are unable to control their children’s activity over the use of a smartphone. Children whose age are in the rage of 1 year to 3 years uses their parent’s smartphone for 53 minutes. Children whose age is more than 3 years are engaged for more than 150 minutes. American Academy of paediatrics have given the clear indication that children less than 18 months. Children have to use a smartphone for one hour whose age is in the rage of 2 to 5 years.


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