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Per every search, there is an emission of 0.2 gm to 7 gm carbon.

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Video streaming is a type of media streaming in which the data from a video file is continuously delivered via the Internet to a remote user. It allows a video to be viewed online without being downloaded on a host computer or device. Live video streaming is dangerous to climate change. Some of the disadvantages of video streaming are given below which affects the badly ecofriendly system. Some of known unknown facts and information are given

  • In 2018 there was an emission of 30 crore ton of carbon dioxides.
  • When you are going to search something in google search then there is an emission of  0.2 gm to 7 gm carbon.
  • Due to digital technology, there may be a possibility of 8 per cent emission of carbon up to 2025
  • Throughout the world, there is an increase in the trend of video streaming.
  • Because of having a new feature and new type of content in it , there is much increase in seeing this. In this platform, our content is not possible to share which is one of the reasons for becoming popular.
  • Recent survey and observation indicate that continuous seeing video streaming is now to become a very dangerous and harmful challenge to the ecofriendly environment.
  • With more research work on this shows that this service for enjoying the video is now going to become harmful to the environment, which is indirectly affecting to human existence.
  • According to a recent study, emission of carbon by travelling a vehicle for  six-kilometre is equal to the emission of carbon by seeing a video through video streaming
  • According to research institute Shift project states that last year there was an emission of carbon through video streaming which was equal to emission in Spain per year.In the next six years, it is going to double. In this, there is  34 per cent emission of carbon by only Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Throughout the world, Netflix is going widely spreading. Record of 2017 and 2018 shows that there is 53 per cent increase in the subscription of Netflix
  • Persons who use this service are engaging their time six times more than required in the enjoyment of video and spending of time on Tv. Computer
  • Emissions of carbon take place in the data centre.

     In data centres mush heavy files come in data form. As these files are in good quality and of H.D, that files occupy more  


  • Data centre utilizes required energy for streaming services which deliver data to computer and TV
  • According to science expert, one data centre emits carbon dioxide which has part of 0.3 per cent through the world and it is going to increase in the next years.

       In this, the size of an instrument for this is becoming larger.

  • According to consumer technology association, the average size of the screen was 22 inch in 1997 which is going to increase in 2021 up to 50 inches or more. According to a report of Natural Resource Defence Council  4K resolution devise uses 30 per cent more energy according to high definition screen

How to reduce emission

According to an expert from data centres of the American energy department, for keeping the energy level as it is, it is very necessary to make the improvement in the machinery of I.T. and data centres. According to I.T specialist , see the video in the non-auto play category.

Don,t see the video in higher definition and use OTT service

In the urban area, most of the customers are switching their plan from DTH to OTT. More numbers are subscribers are getting to Netflix, MX player, Amazon prime. In India there are about 21 per cent customers in MX Players, and after that 15 per cent customers are available in Amazon Prime and 14-14 per cent customers are of HOT star and NETflix.G5 app of G entertainment,Hotstar of Star India and Soni live of Soni which are providing OTT service ,affecting too much DTH subscribers

According to the TRI Report, it is found that average subscribers of DTH are reducing due to the different types of reason. That reason may of improper planning and higher rates of subscription which are not in favour of customers.

Customers are using their time 6 times more than the previous viewing

Due to the entry of Over the Top (OTT) television viewers are gradually decreasing

In India, people are using their favourite digital content on various types of the platform which is increasing very fastly. Now for seeing various types of programmes on TV, it is not necessarily to see these digital content in the drawing-room.

Viewers can see their digital content any time anywhere any show/series/movie/news with the help of OTT. Various figures of the survey indicate that views before 5 years viewers were engaging their time of 100 million minutes for seeing digital content per week, now it has increased up to 600 million minutes per week

It means that they are using their time 6 times more for using their digital content on this platform. During this period there are many revolutions in the field of digital technology and mobiles cost became lower down. People are using the smartphone instead of a simple phone in which only 40 crores mobiles were supporting. But due to the various types of modern technology and advanced modern technology, near about 100 crores mobiles are supporting by OTT

Due to this there much increase in the market of OTT. According to Broadcast audience research council(BARK), 66 per cent of viewers have their TV set other than mobile and computers that 19.7 crore homes..In the next 5 years, it is expected to reach 22 -25 chore. Nowadays they are viewing  3- 4 hours to see TV and in the next five years it expected to reach up to 4-4.5 hours.

Reason for using video uploading

87 per cent people are using or showing their video for marketing purposes.It was 63 per cent in 2017,but in 2018 it has been increased up to 81 per cent.

According to the report conducted by reputed govt agency in India, 96 per cent of people use their product service or tutorials for learning something or enjoyment only on video. as compared to text and image, video-sharing is 1200 per cent more in social media.

In India there is a chance of increasing OTT market up to 3.60 lakhs crores.

According to Bosten consulting group up to 2018, there was a market of 35 thousand crores

Due to the improvement in internet speed and smartphone users, OTT market is now going to capture a target of 15 per cent more and up to 2025, it is going to cross the limit of 240 lakhs crore.

Carbon emission and their figures which are related to factors affecting the environment. Whenever you search anything on computer and mobile or another device, for one search data centre emits 0.2 gm to 7 gm of carbon dioxide which is equal to the energy required for boiling 10 cups of tea.

In the world, 4 per cent of emission is only due to digital technology which more than the emission of carbon dioxide to the aviation traffic in the world.

Up to 2025, there may be chances of 8 per cent of emission of carbon dioxide due to the digital technology

In 2018 there as the emission of 30 crore emission of carbon dioxide


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