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Reason for spoilage your battery

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Most of the people make some types of mistakes related with charging of battery. Due to this there is a chance of deterioration of battery and mobile before its expected life .If you give attention towards some points, there is a chances saving  your battery and mobile from spoilage. Following are some of the points which may be useful for saving your battery crash.

  • Charging throughout the night : Throughout night charging also affects to battery which affects to life of battery. Due to this there may be chances of affecting battery and mobile performance.
  • Mid charging : Avoid mid charging your battery. Better for you to charge your battery at less than 20 % charging level. . Due to this life of battery may get increases.
  • Avoid 100 % charging : Some people have a habit of making 100 % charging of battery. This may causes crashing of your battery. Charging level up to 80% is good for battery. Better for you to avoid charging up to 100 %.
  • Use of duplicate charger : While purchasing we get original charger for battery charging. It is better to use original charger. Many times what happens,we use different types of charger for charging which damages the internal parts of mobile. This causes the spoiling of both battery and mobile. Due to using duplicate charger, it also affects to speed of performing functions.
  • Avoid charging on hot places : Some of the people never take a proper precaution of charging. Keeping charging on hot places may increases the chances of crashing your battery. Some time people keep their mobile on refrigerator or on other hot places which they should be done.Above are some of the points which should be consider while handling your battery while charging , may increases a chances of increasing life of battery

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