May be in your android phone


The problems in the mobile phones were discovered by security organization Kryptowire. Security organization Kryptowire discovered some problems in mobile phones. Everyone always tries to keep their smartphone away from malware, but according to the latest report from Wired reveals that around millions of Android devices are prone to getting affected from bugs from the very first day of your usage. The glitches come with the devices straight from the mobile company.The problems in the mobile phones were discovered by security organisation Kryptowire. The studies revealed that the code changes which many Android phone companies do infuses certain type of glitches in the smartphones. These glitches show their effect the moment we inadvertently poke their location.These bugs reportedly hamper several tasks of the phone such as breaking down the microphone or making the authorised owners completely unable to use their own devices. Such kind of vulnerabilities has been found in 10 devices sold across the major US carriers.Various third-party Android providers tweak the codes of the software in order to provide their own touch to the OS. This leads to a delay in sending out security patches which makes the devices vulnerable. Among other firms whose devices had such problems were Essential, LG and ZTE which wrote to Wired saying they have solved the problems within their system which were reported by Kryptowire.


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