90 percent of seabirds have consumption of plastics

…………………………..NEAR about 90 percent of individual seabirds alive today have consumed some form of plastic and about 60 percent of them including albatrosses,shear waters and penguins, have plastic in their guts ,estimates a new study. ” This is a huge amount and really points to the ubiquity of plastic pollution ,” said lead Chris Wilcox,senior research scientist at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial research Organisation (CSIRO).The analysis of studies published since the early 1960’s showed that plastic is increasingly common in seabirds’ stomachs. In 1960 , plastic was found in the stomachsof less than 5 per cent of seabirds;by 2010 that figure has risen to 80 per cent .Based on currents trends , the scientist predicts that plastic ingestion will affect 99 per cent of the world’s seabirds species by 2050. ….

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