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Magnetic Hills of Ladakh in India

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What is the special about the Magnetic Hills of Ladakh ?

There is a small stretch of road on the Srinagar – Leh Highway in India  which seems to defy the simple rules of gravity . This hilly stretch which seems to be clearly going  uphill, if you turn off the engine  of your car  and let your car stand in neutral  it will slowly  start moving uphill at a speed of about 20 Kmph !. N there is no any type of supernatural power or any extraordinary  magnetic force acting on the road  as the locals  believe . It is all  a game of optical illusion ! The road that seems to have  an upward slant is in reality form , going downhill.Magnetic Hills

Normally , we use the horizon as a reference point when judging a gradient or plane surface . But if we are unable  to see the horizon, we feel confused and can often perceive things to be what they are not . The Magnetic Hills are laid out in such manner that they obstruct the horizon  and we get tricked into believing what  is not true ! The alignment of the road  with the slope of  the background  hills creates an illusion  of car drifting upwards when , in fact  the road has a  slight downhill slope .


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