Some thing about FOOTBALL……



Some thing about FOOTBALL……


  • ·         The maximum number of goals scored by one player in a single Football match               was 16. It was scored by Stephan Stanis (France) playing for Racing Club de                   Lens in December 1942.
  • ·         The largest Football tournament saw no less than 5,098 teams. They competed in           1999 for the second Bangkok League Seven-a-Side Competition. Over 35,000                 players participated.
  • ·         Football is the most popular sport in the world. Over one billion fans watch World             Cup  Football on television.
  • ·         Football is the most played and most watched sport on earth.
  • ·         Football originated in China around 476 B.C.
  • ·         Based on video evidence, one of the fastest ever scored was in 2.8 seconds by               Ricardo Olivera (Uruguay) in December 1998.
  • ·         Pele was the first to call football “the beautiful game”. 
  •            Only Americans and Canadians call football “soccer”.
  •            England came up with the word “soccer”. It’s a shortened version of “Association              Football” that was changed to “Assoc Football”. This was changed to “Soccer”. In            19th century England, it was popular to add the “-er” sound to shortened words.
  •             In 1964, a referee’s call during a football match in Peru caused a riot that killed              over 300 people.
  •             In 1998, lightening killed an entire football team. The catastrophe occurred in                   Congo during a match between the villages of Bena Tshadi and nearby                           Basangana.
  •            The Portuguese boast of scoring the world’s greatest goals to game ratio of 1.77.             The team has found the net an incredible 331 times in just 187 games for                        Sporting Lisbon between 1937 and 1949 (compared to Messi’s 0.82 for                            Barcelona).
  • ·         The first football game that was broadcasted on Television was a friendly match             between Arsenal and Arsenal Reserves in 1937.
  •            During the World War II, there were several football games which were given the            name of ‘The Death Match’. They were propagandist and were controlled by                   Germany.
  •           Fernando Peyroteo, a Portugese striker from 1930s to 1950; had world’s greatest           goals-per-game ratio of 1.6. Compared to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo,                 Messi has a goals-per-game ratio of 0.82 and Cristiano Ronaldo is 0.69.
  •           On May 24, 1964, a riot started after a referee’s call which killed over 300 people.
  •         In 1998, an entire team of 11 players was killed by lightning while the opponent                team remained unharmed.
  •          On an average, a football player runs over 9.3 miles in a single game, which is                equivalent to 15 km.
  •          Ballon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo was the first player to score a goal in every            minute of the game.
  •          In 2002 World Cup, Oliver Kahn became the first and only goalkeeper to win the              Golden Ball.
  •          Lee Todd became the player to receive the fastest red card in history of football.              He received the red card within two seconds.
  •          Pele is the youngest player to win the Football World Cup at the age of 17 years              and 249 days. While, Dino Zoff became the oldest player to win the World Cup at            the age of 40 years and 133 days.
  •          In 1969, El Salvador declared a war on Honduras after it lost a football match. The          war was named as ‘Football War’, ‘Soccer War’ and ‘100 Hour War’
  • ·         Football goalies didn’t have to wear different coloured shirts from their teammates           until 1913.
  •           Football players run an average of 9.65 kms during every game.
  •          The very first game of basketball was played with a soccer ball.
  •          The World’s First Football Club was the English Sheffield Football Club. It was                   founded in 1857 by Colonel Nathaniel Cresswick and Major William Priest, two                 British Army officers.
  •         European Teams have reached every World Cup final, except for the finals of 1930          and 1950.
  • ·         The highest scoring game was clocked 149-0. Stade Olympique de L’emyrne, a               team from Madagascar scored their own goals. They did it as a form of protest for           the unfair decision by referee in the previous game.
  •           Ronaldinho came into limelight when scored 23 goals in a 23-0 game
  •          Celestine Babayaro, Nigerian born Chelsea player injured his legs while                            celebrating his debut goal in a pre-season match, while Luigi Riva broke a                         spectator’s arm with his powerful shot..
  •           The first black football player was Arthur Wharton in the 1800s.
  •         . Worldwide, there are 27 professional football clubs that take a Beatles song as                  their nickname – Villarreal in Spain being the most famous (the Yellow                              Submarines).
  •          Neil Armstrong originally wanted to take a football to the moon – but NASA deemed           it to be un-American.
  •         The ball used in professional football has remained exactly the same size and                  shape for 120 years – 28 inches in circumference.
  •         More than 80% of the world’s footballs are manufactured in Pakistan.
  •          The first live coverage of a football match was shown on television in 1937. It was            a practice match Arsenal played at Highbury stadium.
  •           A total of 20 red cards were shown in a match played between Sportivo Ameliano          and General Caballero in Paraguay.
  •         In 1978, Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson was fired for swearing at            a lady.·====================================================================


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