Markanda………Khajurao of Vidarbha in India

Maharashtra (Markanda………Khajurao of Vidarbha )

Markanda                                                           .Markanda village in Vidarbha of Maharashtra( India )  has its own identity among other historical village. Markanda village is the favourate place for God Shivshankar . It is located in Chamorshi of Gadchiroli district .It shows greatness ,nobility and dignity for the religious people for Maharashtra and rest of India as well as for whle world . This village is nearby to Vainganga river which rises the beauty of temple .
Markanda temple is a historical temple and tourist spot all tourist who desire to see archaeological structure of temple. Markanda temple is on the bank of river Vainganga in the east side in 196 x 168 sq.ft.area .Earlier, there were 24 temples. At present, there are only 18 temples existing, out of them only 4 temples are in good condition. The main temple of Markanda was distracted by striking of Lightening 300 years before. Therefore, no one could tell how the main temple formerly was.
How to Reach Markanda by road ?
                                         Markanda village is situated at 65 kms away from Chandrapur and 184 kms from Nagpur. It is at 40 kms distance from Gadchiroli and 25 Kms from Mul in Chandrapur District. Bus services are available through out year from Nagpur, Chandrapur and Gadchiroli to go to Chamorshi and then Markanda. Nearest railway station to the Gadchiroli / Markanda is Mul. The bus routes to go to Markanda are as follows; 1) Chandrapur – Gondpipari – Ashti – Chamorshi – Markanda 2) Chandrapur – Gadchiroli – Chamorshi – Markanda 3) Nagpur – Gadchiroli – Chamorshi – Markanda 4) Chandrapr – Mul – Saoli – Markanda.
Try to visit this place ,which will get full satisfaction to you about your tour


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