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How, where, Over tourism affects to local

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In any country, tourism plays a very important role in deciding the economy of any country. When a large amount of people when a visit to tourist places, affects some times badly t their managing system.

Recently oxford has given the new word to excessive visit to tourist place which is over-tourism.

What is over-tourism?

In short, over-tourism occurs when there are too many visitors to a particular destination. “Too many” is a subjective term, of course, but it is defined in each destination by local residents, hosts, business owners and tourists. When rent prices push out local tenants to make way for holiday rentals, that is over-tourism. When narrow roads become jammed with tourist vehicles, that is over-tourism. When wildlife is scared away when tourists cannot view landmarks because of the crowds when fragile environments become degraded – these are all signs of over-tourism.

According to Uk’s Tour operative company, it is also necessary to give the management portfolio just like the other business. Tourism is the one type of service which is given to tourist. Every country has its own economy in which tourism plays a very important role.

Nowadays, the number of tourists has been increasing due to globalization.

Cut off prices in air journey, higher salary and use of social media for this are the main key factors for increasing tourism. Due to this in 2018 Oxford assign an over-tourism word to excessive visit to tourist places.

Due to over-tourism, it not only affects to the environment but also to local resident. Tourism is also one type of business, in which there is a productive service According to world tourism and travel council

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) estimates that internationally there were just 25 million tourist arrivals in 1950. 66 years later this number has increased to 1.2 billion international arrivals per year. This is a 49-fold increase.

In 20118 number of tourist are as follow

Most Visited Countries in the World

Spain: 75.6 million visitors.

China: 59.3 million visitors. …

Italy: 52.4 million visitors. …

United Kingdom: 35.8 million visitors. …

Germany: 35.6 million visitors. …

Mexico: 35.0 million visitors. …

Thailand: 32.6 million visitors. …

Turkey: 30 million visitors. ..For managing the different types of problem-related to tourism, 11 countries including India decided to follow some rules regarding tourism.

  • Peru :

In Peru which has 1450AD civilsation, Inka , Machu Picchu is the most visited tourist place among the tourist places. According to 2018 data of tourism, near about 15 lakhs seventy-eight thousand tourists visited this place. As compared to 2017 data of tourist, there is a 12 percent increase in visiting this civilization. Daily visitors of tourist for seeing Machu Picchu is 4300. For managing all these acts of tourist, administration of local body compulsorily imposed ticket to visitors. Tickets are given to visitors in limited and restricted time only..person who visited previously, not allowed to visit it again. According to the managing committee, it will not reduce the number of visitors but it will help to manage the traffic if visitors properly and safely.

  • Netherland

Amsterdam which is the capital of Netherland, 1crore 80 lakhs tourist visited. According to statistical data it is expected to visit 4 crores 20 lakhs in 2030. Due to a large number of visitor to this city, the local body decided to stop the promotion of this place so as to keep management easy and safe. Instead of visiting to this city, new promotion has launched to visit other cities also.

  • Italy

Vennis city of Italy is also facing an overcrowdedness of visitors.In Giudecca Canal, there was a collision of one Cruz and ship of tourist, according to the tourism department of Italy, in Venice, the local administration has decided to apply tax (Levi) on this service which country is providing. Its main objective is not only to earn money but to control visitors of tourist.

In Rome government has decided rule regarding the photo. People who are taking a photo with another tourist will have to pay 400 dollars.In hotel, there is a compulsory ban on consumption of alcoholic drink between 2.00Am to morning 7 AM

  • Croatia

In Croatia Dubrovnik is facing a problem of over-tourism. This city was shown in web series games of thrown. Due to this, this city became too much popular. Due to this percentage of popularity increased speedily. According to the Croatian tourist board, in 2018 the number of visitors of Dubrovnik is more than 12 lakhs. According to 2017, it is 8 percent more . The administrative department of Dubrovnik is making an advertisement of Dubrovnik as a city of all-season so as to lower down the crowdedness. According to the tourist group, they are restricting people up to eight number of people to maintain the standard of location.

  • Belgium

Bruges, the capital of West Flanders in northwest Belgium, is distinguished by its canals, cobbled streets and medieval buildings. Its port, Zeebrugge, is an important center for fishing and European trade. In the city center’s Burg square, the 14th-century Stadhuis (City Hall) has an ornately carved ceiling. Nearby, Markt square features a 13th-century belfry with a 47-bell carillon and 83m tower with panoramic views. In Belgium, Bruges is also facing the same problem of over-tourism.For reducing the number of tourists, the mayor of the city introduced some rules. For this, it was decided to reach only 2 ships instead of 5shipsrestricting tourist to visit this city which is more popular. They don’t want to make this city Disney land


Bali which is one of the cities of Indonesia is the most favorite destination for tourist.As compared to 2018 record of visiting tourist,10 percent increases in tourism in Bali. Parliamentary body of Bali has decided to impose 10 dollars as a tourist tax which is to pay at the time of goodbye country by visitors. Local citizen of Bali has many times raised the question of the environment which they are facing.

  • India

In India also one of seven wonders of world Taj Mahal is a most favorite destination place for tourist having a tough issue regarding overtourism.U.P government was decided to increase the number of charges for seeing world most famous Taj Mahal.An Indian citizen will have to pay Rs 250 instead of 200 and Foreigner will have to pay Rs.1100 for visiting this place. According to the archaeological department, it is expected to reduce 15 to 20 percent of visitors.

  • Greece

Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. It was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC, forever shaping its rugged landscape. The whitewashed, cubiform houses of its 2 principal towns, Fira and Oia, cling to cliffs above an underwater caldera (crater).

According to the European parliament transport committee, Santaroni of Greece experienced a tourist of 66 percent increase between 2012 to 2017. In this country, the number of tourists reached to 33 lakhs to 55 lakhs.The local government body has restricted the entry in Santorini up to 8000 people.

  • Scotland

Edinburgh is Scotland’s compact, hilly capital. It has a medieval Old Town and elegant Georgian New Town with gardens and neoclassical buildings. A large number of tourist take part and visit in August festival in capital Edinburgh of Scotland. City council has also decided to impose a tax on tourist so as to reduce tourist and for proper management.

  • Spain

In Spain, the tourism department of Spain has imposed a tax on the tourist who stays in the city. Barcelona tourism department earned 5 million dollars in 2017 In 2017 near about 89 lakhs visited this city. Against the over-tourism, local residents were marched for stoping the over-tourism

  • New Zealand

In Newziland, tourist department was decided to apply a charge of 22 dollars as a tourist admission test Various destination in this country also facing an overcrowdedness according to a survey taken on 40000 people,81 % of people was in favor of the tax. One of the most crowded tourist places is Quincetown

Queenstown, New Zealand, sits on the shores of the South Island’s Lake Wakatipu, set against the dramatic Southern Alps. Renowned for adventure sports, it’s also a base for exploring the region’s vineyards and historic mining towns. There’s bungee jumping off Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge and jet-boating on the Shotover and Dart rivers. In winter, there’s skiing on the slopes of The Remarkables and Coronet Peak. Due to such a type of sports activity, more and more crowd is approaching towards this tourist place.


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