majhe varhad tourist

Socially connected with that place.

Be a responsible tourist

While enjoying various types of destination for tourism, generally we use branded or famous hotel for staying. Instead of this if you think about local hotels for staying, it will be beneficial to you also to local people. Due to this local people will get benefitted. By using various types of local hostels or hotels, we can get or study more with the livings of people. If there is a tourist spot near to the village, then better to use local hotels of that particular village. Due to this you can see or enjoy all sites

Keep respect for nature: Every tourist destination has its own identity of natural beauty. So everyone wants to pictures that beauty in camera. For doing this take a care that while taking a photograph, natures beauty and local villagers would not get affected. Most of the tourist have a tendency to take selfies with birds, animals, and other historical places. While doing this there should not any type of harmful attitude with people of local villagers.

Give more importance to saving of water: Every villages or city or tourist destination has a problem of drinking water, the organization of water distribution, different as per their requirement and need. Due to this as a tourist try to save water. Sometimes what happens that while taking a bath or using shower we use water more than required, which should be avoided. While brushing don’t try to use excessive use of water. As a tourist generally you are unaware of the problems of water.

Better to use guide:Don’t go to any tourist destination only for enjoying tourist spot and total enjoyment. We should be very curious about knowledge of destination spot. Try to take more and more information about tourist spot. For that better to use a local guide or local citizen for getting knowledge. With the use of proper guide person, you can get more knowledge

Keep cleanliness: While enjoying any tourist place keep your attention to cleanliness. You should be aware of the environment. Actually, it is a duty of everyone to keep the environment clean and pollution free. It is a very compulsory mind attitude about throwing any wastage materials into the only dustbin. Don’t throw any type of wastage material anywhere, may be a possibility of getting a fine. If there is no any type of dustbin on the way, it is better to keep unwanted wastage in bags so that local people will not get the effect.

Keep knowledge about local language: One should have some interest in learning a local language where we are going to give a visit to tourist place. Due to this, you can connect these local people very closely. More closeness will be there for these type of people.

Try to keep minimum knowledge about local language which is essential.

The requirement of luggage: While making a journey or enjoying any tourist place, keep your dresses which are suitable for the local environment and local culture. Try to use eco-friendly luggage. Try to avoid harmful plastics which are harmful to the environment.

Keep updated phone numbers and address :

Sometimes while enjoying the tourist at the hill station, many times there is no connectivity, in such a case there should be the complete address of that particular destination where we are going to visit. Keep your medical aid ready so as to face any type of emergency situation.

Wear proper dresses: While enjoying various types of tourist spot one should know the knowledge of using proper dresses. Every tourist spot has its cultural values and its identity which are spiritually and socially connected with that place. Sometimes some more modern and hot dresses may be unsocial with that culture and people.



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