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Nainital :

This beautiful lake resort nestles amidst seven hills in a lush valley which is at an altitude of 1938 metres. In 1841, the British first discovered Naini Tal as a holiday resort. Today it has emerged as one of the most important hill resort in India.

Naini Lake : The eye(Naina) shaped lake named after Goddess Naini set amidst lush hills is said to be formed when the eye of Goddess Sati fell here. The Naina Devi temple at the northern end of the lake marks the exact spot. Where the eye of Sati is said to have fallen. The gaily coloured yachts sail the waters of the lake is a sight to behold.

Naina Peak(6 km): Popular picnic spot at a height of 2610 metres.Breathtaking view of the Himalayas and entire lake region.

Laria Kanta(6 km.) : Picnik spot at an altitude of 2481 metres.Afford panoramic view of the Himalayas

Hanumangarhi (3.2 km) : Pilgrim site well known for spectacular sunset views.

High altitude zoo( 1.5 km ) : Animals living at a high altitude can be seen here

Khurpa Tal ( 5 km.) : The lake on Nainital-Ramnagar road is an angler’s delight

Lands End(4kms.):The hill affords fine view of Khurpa tal and the terraced fields.

State Observatory (4.4 km): It is ideal for astronomical studies and optical tracking of an artificial earth satellite.Raj Bhavan: The magnificent Nainital Government house modelled after the famous Buckingham palace was built in March 1900.Its 50 acres lush golf course was opened for public in 1994.

Other attraction: Snow view(2.5 km.): Dorothy seat ( 4 km.)

Around Nainital

Bhimtal(22.5 km.) : Serene lake resort.lake here is larger than Naini lake.

Mukteshwar (50 km.)

The small hill station amidst thickly wooded forest affords a majestic view of the Himalayas. Nearby is a stone hole of Chauli ki Jali, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Spectacular view of Almora and the peaks of Adi Nampa of Nepal stretching up to the Chaukhamba peaks of Garhwal can be enjoyed the moonlight.

Naukuchia Tal(26 km.):

The beautiful; lake 4 km. short of Bhimtal has nine corners and is also of considerable religious importance. Migratory birds flock to the lake. Good boating and fishing spot.


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