Top Ten weekend destination for weekend in rainy season

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Top Ten weekend destination for weekend in rainy season


………………………………….Most of people donot get leave for enjoyment of picnic.so forthat there is a option for short picnic. If you are from your home town then you are known about picnik spot , but if you are somewhere for service or any business spot ,then these are some top ten picnik spot for enjoyment


  • Chikhaldara :

    If you are alone, or with family or with your friends or with your group , then there is a hill station ,Chikhaldara. Chikhaldara is famous for the cold climate .It is located in Amarawati district of Maharashtra (India). For rainy season , for any type of enjoyment Chikhaldara is the best option for Enjoyment

  • Tadoba :

    If you are boared with your day to day life , and you are not getting sufficient time for enjoyment and your staying in Vidarbha then visit Tadoba .Tadoba is situated in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra(India) .Tadoba safari and Tadoba National park is famous for children

  • Hujur Saheb :

    If your want to refresh from your day to day life and want to experience spiritual atmosphere then there is best option Hujur Saheb . .Huju rSaheb is spiritual attachment for not only Sikh relision but also for other people . Hujur Saheb is located in Nanded district of Maharashtra (India).

  • Ajanta Caves :

    If you are interested in history and architecture ,then can take the enjoyment of Ajanta caves Caves are 105 km from Aurangabad of Maharashtra .There is a hardly time of 2 to 3 hours from Aurangabad

  • Ellora caves :

    If you have a very short period of holiday and you have less time ,then you have best choice of Ellora caves which are at a distance of 35 km from Aurangabad of Maharashtra( India)

  • Ramtek :

    If you want to wander and interested in tracking then Ramtek is the best option for enjoyment. With individual and also with groups you can enjoy tracking .there is also another way with the steps to reach hill fort. This place is associated with great sanskruit writter Kalidas

  • Ganpatipule :

    If you are having the combination of rainy season and Konkan then all the alternatives becomes faded except Ganpatipule .It is situated in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, which is famous for Ganpati Temple and beaches

  • Bhandardara :

    If you are nearby to Nasik and you want to take the enjoyment of waterfall ,then Bhandardara is the best choice which is situated in Nagar district of Maharashtra(India). You can track Kalsubai height with the enjoyment

  • Murud-Janjra :

    If your enjoyment is related with historical place and fort then best destination is Murud_Janjira which is 165 km from Mumbai. Almost all facilities are available for visiting this fort

  • Pachgani :

    Pachgani is hill station in the district of Satara of Maharashtra(India).Pachgani is famous for cold climate and mountain range .It is situated at a distance of 45 km from Satara


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