This small seaside town was an important ancient port and is now world-renowned for the majestic sun temple-a world heritage site of UNESCO and a charming beach which is very interested thing for tourist


The wheel makes us move forward but it moves on the axle of the past

The magnificent shrine built by Ganga King Narasimha Deva I in 1278is the crowning glory of Orissan temple architecture. According to Rabindranath Tagore-“here the language of stone surpasses the language of man.the massive structure was designed as a celestial chariot of the sun god, with twelve pairs of exquisitely carved wheels, drawn by seven horses 24 wheels are said to represent the forenights of the year; the eight spokes in each wheel, the ancient division of the day and night into eight equal parts and the seven horses are the seven days of the week.

The temple was originally set on the beach and the sea waves almost touched its base, but now the elegant ruins of the temple are located amidst drifting sand, about 2 km from the sea. It is said that 1200 architects toiled for 12 years to create this magnificent structure. The 227 feet high main shikhara(tower)which is now collapsed was visible from far out at sea and shrine was known as the ‘black Pagoda’by sailors in contrast to the whitewashed Jagannath temple at Puri. At the base of the collapsed tower were three subsidiary shrines, which had step leading to the Surya images.

The main sanctum is in ruins but the NATAMANDIRA (hall of dance) which remains in front of the temple and audience hall are intact. Of the 22 subsidiaries temples which once stood within the enclose, only two have survived-Vaishnavi and Mayadevi temple. On either side of the main temple are colossal figures of royal elephants and horses. The ornately carved temple also depicts an aspect of life during 13 the century and is famous for the erotic art

The most popular theory associated with Konark temple is its magnets & the floating idol in the air. The uniqueness of the Sun Temple of Konark lies in the fact that it was built with an architectural setup of various magnets. During the construction of the main tower of the temple, the artisans put an iron plate between every two stone pieces.

There is a lodestone at the top of the temple was said to be a massive 52-ton magnet. According to legend, the statue of the Sun God inside the temple was built of a material with iron content and was said to be floating in air, without any physical support, due to the unique arrangements of the top magnet, the bottom magnet and the reinforced magnets around the temple walls.

The placement of the main temple and the Sun God had been aligned in such a way that the first ray of the Sun from the coast would cross the Nata Mandir (Dancing Hall) and would fall & reflect from the diamond placed at the crown of the Sun God.

Other legends state that the magnetic effect of the lodestone was so strong that it caused a disturbance in the ship’s compasses those passed by the coast (Konark being a major port at that time), thus making the navigation very difficult for the sailors. To save their trade and their ships, the Portuguese sailors destroyed the temple and took away the lodestone. The removal of the lodestone leads to the collapse of the main temple structure.


This museum of archaeological survey of India lies just outside the temple enclose. It exhibits sculptures and carvings recovered from the sun temple The visit to this museum is delightful, graceful, happiness and Luxurious to every one

odissa tourism

Konark Beach

It is the most attractive beach of the country


Konark Dance festival

This famous festival is held in early December and attracts eminent dances from all over the country

Around the Konark

Chaurasai (30 km.)

It is well known for the shrines of Amareshwar,Laxminaran and Barahi

Pipli(23 km.)

It is the famous handicraft known as ‘Applique work’.Beautiful bedspreads cushion cover bags, wall hanging, umbrellas are prepared by using this art.

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