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Having knowledge is the one good thing which is very essential part of our life. The following are some questions and answers throughout the world. Try to know the following things.

Que : Which Indian state was described by Nehru as the Jevwel of East

Ans: Manipur

Que: Name the first police officer in Asia who has won the Magassases award

           Ans : Kiran Bedi

Que : Which city is known as school capital of India

Ans : Dehradun

Que : What was the real name of Birbal

     Ans : Mahesh Das

Que : Who introduced Tobacco in India

Ans : The Portuguese

Que : The US president Abraham Lincon was assassinated while he was watching a play. Name that play

Ans : Our American Cousin

Que : What is the full form of D.C. in Washington DC

Ans : District of Columbia

Que : Which countries parliament is known as Jatia Sangsad

Ans : Bangladesh

Que : Who was the first aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean

Ans : Charles Lindbergh

Que : Name the writer who created Nancy Drew,the detective character

Ans : Mildred Benson

Que : Besides Tagore,Name the Indian descent to receive the noble prize for literatutre

Ans : V.S.Naipol

Que : Those who can,do,those who cannot teach.Who said this words

Ans : George Vernard

Que : Who is Barbies boyfriend ?

Ans : Ken

Que : According to the Hindu mythology,which are the four yugas ?

  Ans : Krita,Treta,Dwara,Kali

Que : Which was the first movie directed by Raj Kapur

Ans : Aag

Que : Name the Davis Cup legend who died of AIDS

Ans : Arthur Ashe

Que : Whose performance was rated as the best Indian batting performance of the century by Wisden Almanac

Ans : VVS laxman

Que : What is the new name of Hawara bridge ?

Ans : Rabindra Setu

Que : How many Indian states have common boundries with Chhattisgarh

Ans : Six

Que : Which Indian states was known as Kalinga in Ancient times

Ans : Orrisa

Que : How many symphonies were composed by German musician Ludvig Beethoven

Ans : Nine

Que : Name the filmmaker who directed the TV serial Bharat Ek Khoj

Ans : Shyam Benegal

Que : Which is the worlds largest school ?

Ans : The city Montessory school (CMS ) in Lucknow

Que : Which was the first Hollywood film dubbed in Hindi ?

Ans: The Jurassic park

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